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After losing more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars trading high-risk commodities, Robert Abel found himself emotionally devastated. At the advice of his pastor, he went on a retreat to St Malo Center in Estes Park. After checking into his room, he laced up his hiking boots and climbed the tallest mountain peak available to have it out with the Almighty.

After praying for several hours and hearing nothing except the sound of the brisk mountain breeze, Robert returned to the retreat center broken and crushed. Lying on the floor crying, he surrendered his life to the Lord. From the depths of his heart he made a promise saying, “I will do whatever you want from here on out.” As soon as Robert came to place of complete surrender, God showed up and gave him his first ministry assignment.

Since that time Robert has been living an exciting adventure with the Lord. Through his ministry efforts, he has witnessed many miraculous healings and profound conversion experiences. On one occasion, Robert was seeking the Lord’s guidance in the Adoration chapel. In the quiet stillness of his heart, he eventually realized the Lord was calling him to spend a weekend on the streets.

After discerning the Lord’s calling, Robert left his home, money, cell phone and all other forms of security behind to live on the streets for a weekend. He took an old army duffle bag and a sleeping bag and set out of an adventure of a lifetime. During the weekend, the Lord taught him a deep love and compassion for the homeless, and it was through this experience that was the birth of his homeless ministry.

Today, Robert's purpose and passion in life is the New Evangelization — an ongoing renewal to help parishioners develop an authentic, spirit-filled conversion with the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Through his real-life experiences, Robert is able to share his love and passion for God. He speaks on a number of topics including making Jesus the Lord of your life, listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, emotional healing, spiritual warfare, and a variety of other compelling topics.

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